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Trumps First Week in Office


I was trying to find the right words to sum up my exact feelings. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg.

Is this really who we are? We’ve reached a point where we are denying people access to the United States who are refugees based almost entirely on their religions. Cmon.

We wouldn’t have the likes of Steve Jobs who came from a Syrian Immigrant Father. If he hadn’t been allowed to come here and put him up for adoption – Steve Jobs likely would have had a very different career path.


Steve Jobs and his Syrian Father


This isn’t who we are. This isn’t what we stand for. There will always be evil and hatred in the world. We cannot hide from it. We need to stand up and say this isn’t who we are.


People you need to be more particular with whom you’re getting your news from. I see so many articles being shared from the alt-right and from the ‘Occupy Democrats’ that it’s ridiculous. They have an agenda and they have a bias.


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