Golf Practice, Doug Breaking 90, and Tomi Lahren zzzz

Golf Practice

I got out yesterday to get some much-needed golf practice. Chipping seems to be my nemesis. Bump and run – no problem. But when I need to do a semi-pitch / chip to a tight pin with a sand wedge or a lob wedge – I just don’t have confidence in it.

Que instructor Bob Madsen. He’s one of the best instructors in the San Diego area. Below is some video footage from the lesson.


I feel better about things and now it’s just a matter of getting in some reps.

Doug and Breaking 90

I’m playing golf with Doug and Keith on Sunday. Also for a change in things – bringing my wife along to kind of play/watch. So it should be interesting. Doug has been going thru a rough patch of trying to break 90. I don’t know how long it has been for it but it seems like an eternity. I know he has the game but for some reason – he just can’t put it all together.

We made some slight changes on the range and it may help him.


But at the end of the day – it’s not the clubs or the ball. It’s the player.

Tomi Lahren on Realtime

You get her surrounded by smart people and she just seems unprepared. Every so often I go thru the trouble of reading the comments on YouTube videos. Some are rather comical.

My favorite from this one.


Rand Paul

Call me a big fan. As a moderate and practically a libertarian – how is it that he talks with such common sense and so many Republicans don’t understand it? I was at a party several months ago, and a man named Phil made a joke saying ,”Republicans keep their money in their pockets.”

That’s fine and all. Be for lesser government and for reforming entitlements. But you can’t say ,”Lets keep more money in our pocket but put it on the credit card. How much do we owe now? Aww who cares?”

We have a Republican President, Republican Congress, and yet the first order of business wasn’t a balanced budget. What?!?! That’s insane for the party that claims to be the party of fiscal responsibility.


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