Super Bowl. Favorite Commercials. Saturday Night Live

So this year’s Super Bowl didn’t really grab my eye.  Not being a fan of either the teams has its advantages.  I did find it funny though that all over Facebook there was a lot of discussion about the game being rigged. Somehow also people were comparing this to the election. Give me a break!

Below I’m going to post my favorite commercials from the Super Bowl.

Jason Statham and Gal Gadot. Enough said.

“Do you want to pet my roo?”

I enjoyed this one for obvious reasons – I have a daughter. Well done Audi.

“Who is John Malkovich?!?”

But my favorite…

Lots of Super Bowl spots for movie trailers. None of them really caught my eye in a big way. I was kind of hoping that we might see a small tease for episode VIII of Star Wars. But alas – that didn’t happen.

Argh! Now I’ll get to hear lots of how great Tom Brady is. Blah blah. Boring. Not a fan.


But I did think this skit on SNL was particularly funny….

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