Golf Rules. Gimmies. Unfinished Holes

My golf group that I play with fairly regularly. Gimmies are a commonality. I try to never take them. I’ve hoped it would rub off but it hasn’t. Even the other day, my buddy Keith, gave me a tap in birdie putt. I walked back and put the ball where it was and finished out the hole.


They don’t exist says the USGA. Sited here.

Non-Tournaments for Handicap Purposes Conceded Strokes


Sited from here. The important part of this is the last half of the answer in the first paragraph.

“A most likely score is the number of strokes already taken, plus in the player’s best judgment, the number of strokes needed to complete the hole from that point more than half the time

MORE THAN HALF THE TIME….so if you pickup from 15 feet and take a 1. You’re then presenting an argument that ‘more than half the time’ you’d make that 15 footer.

Also, not to state the obvious, the only person that you’re hurting here is yourself. You’re giving yourself a stroke that you’d normally not consistently make in a tournament. Swallow your pride and give people an authentic answer.

Unfinished Holes


Again – it’s stated above. If you’re going to post – to which you need to finish 13 holes and have played with someone – then the recorded score is par plus the handicap stroke. You don’t get to say ,”What do you want on that hole we didn’t play?” It’s stated. This is the rule. Sited here.

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