SNL Spicer, Grammy’s and Nike’s Equality Campaign.

SNL Spicer

SNL Lives delivers and get their highest rated show in years. Interesting that the top skit didn’t have so much to do with Donald Trump but his Press Secretary.


I tried watching it and hell we even had it on in the background. But it’s just terrible. Metallica and Lady Gaga?!? Really?! Then Metallica’s mic doesn’t work. Adele does a tribute to George Michael and then midway asks to restart it because she botched it up. What?!?

Nike Equality Campaign

Nike has kicked off their equality campaign with some very well done videos. They’ll be advertising these at some prime time sporting events.

Even nice to see Tiger Woods get involved….

Michael Breed on some Putting Tips

It’s a bit old but I highly enjoyed this.

I also quite enjoyed this one from Dave Stockton

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