2016 Top Movies of the Year

2016 seemed to be the year where you really had to go out of your way to find and see the best movies of the year. Big movies this year, I think it was a tough year. Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman, Jason Bourne were all movies that showed that the studios are having trouble finding their footing.

2016 the Year we First saw the new Wonder Woman

5. Manchester by the Sea

I quite enjoyed Casey affleck. It’s a different story and you’ll go on a different type of journey. So don’t expect the usual story – or ending.

4. Arrival

3.  Doctor Strange

This was an excellent addition to the Marvel universe.

2.  Edge of Seventeen

Something a bit different that again – you won’t be ready for.



Robert Zemeckis takes you on a journey. Big fan of all of his movies.


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