A Few Days Off..


So I had taken a few days off from the blog. Not sure if anyone has noticed but I try to do micro posts – on very specific topics – and then every once in a while do more of a broad overview of things. Provide commentary to life, etc.

So lets get started. Wednesday was the first Wednesday tournament. I talked my buddy Pete into attending even though he wasn’t feeling well. Good thing I did as he was a vital part of making some birdies that we needed to secure the victory.

Victory is Ours

Yesterday – I tried doing something a bit different. I should have known that when I heard the group was ‘very casual’ that it really stood for exceptionally stupid. Eight people playing and some of them as a thirty handicap – translation – I was about to pull my hair out.


You play with better players and you emulate what they’re doing. You play with worse ones and you emulate that. Sure rang true for my buddy Doug – a double and a quad on the first five holes.

Off to Alpine

Departed there and met my wife at Alpine. Damn how I do enjoy their Willy Vanilly. Fried Chicken sandwich and a good beer – makes it all the better. Share the meal and half the calories. Even better.

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