Golf. Match Play. Doug Moves On

I got out for some golf with my usual group yesterday morning. Fun! My buddy Pete is still looking for his golf game. Left – right – water hazard. Eventually, he found a bandaid and was able to ducktape something together and make it work.

Rain in the forecast for Wednesday – so I decided to get out again on Tuesday and get in another round of golf/practice. Also, my buddy Doug was playing his match in the Sycuan Match Play. His opponent made some very silly mistakes on the first three holes and Doug was able to grab an easy lead in the beginning of the match.

Arrive at #13 at Oak – match finally dormie. I figure he’s going to take a three wood and hit it out into the right fairway. Huge landing area. To my surprise, he’s got a 4 iron and hits it into these trees. We walk up and the ball is nowhere to be found. It probably bounced into a gopher hole. Back to the tee box and this time he finally pulls out the driver. Nothing to lose at this point. Pipes it long and down the right side of the fairway. 30 yards in and pitches close, makes the putt, and the match is over.

Well played and onto the next match. My advice – don’t count on playing people with these silly mistakes early on. I know the guys at the top of the bracket do their best to minimize them. Also, it’s match play so concede more putts.


Par putt drained



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