Justice League Trailer Released

As was touted on social media for days, we finally have an official theatrical trailer for Justice League. Yep, it’s basically everything a DC Comics fan needs it to be.

This is a fun dynamite trailer that is absolutely the best of both worlds. The song choice is a little obvious, but boy is it going to be buckets of fun.

It’s clearly lighter, jokier, and far less grim than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Much of the humor comes from our heroes communicating and talking with one another. This was a key point missing from Batman v Superman.

Mar-26-2017 07-41-21.gif

Affleck and Godot seem to have an amazing chemistry together. I’ve always thought if you’re going to give us a Justice League movie in a world where we’ve already seen the Avengers, you’ve got to up the ante and give the fans more of what they already love from the DC Universe. It’s a good thing that we’re not just seeing Avengers “redone” with DC characters that they have the rights to.

The good news is this is a great trailer. Bad news? A lot of DC Comics films have had excellent trailers and fall short in the theater. We’ll see how long Warner Bros can go before we get another sneak peak. So in the words of Aquaman ,”Yeah….!”

Mar-26-2017 07-42-55

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