Final Four, Golf – Alpine, and Grant Gustin at the Airport

What a day. Let’s start with the important items.

The Final Four

What a bunch of games. I felt bad for the Ducks as it would have been a marvelous story if they had been in the finals. You get that last rebound with two attempts and you would have probably been in the finals. Rebound rebound.

The players discuss it here and the lack of rebounding from missing their best defensive player:

I’m reminded of Dan Patrick’s fun commercial which is so very true.

Golf and Alpine

I was up at 8 am to play some golf. Somethings got hussled¬†around and the group that I was supposed to join didn’t quite work out. So, my buddy Doug and I went out ahead by a few minutes. Fun time – we played 11 holes. Shot one under thru 11 holes. But to be fair, the course was playing the shortest that I’ve ever seen it. They set it up for some junior event so we had yardages into greens that we never normally see.

Into the evening – my lovely wife and I decided to head up to Alpine for some dinner and some of that light Willy Vanilly Beer. Ummm so good. While on that subject, I think I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Lyft. You can put the tip to the driver in the app. That’s the way it should be. Uber isn’t implementing this – I don’t know why.

Last Minute Comics….

So, the tv show Flash, their star Grant Gustin, was at an airport and saw a guy wearing a Star Labs hoodie. So he thought he would walk by and say hello….

Grant – don’t stop doing things like that. People will largely appreciate it.

Patty Jenkins Signs for Fans

Director of the new Wonder Woman movie is out soon….she signs for fans.



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