Lexi Thompson and Ridiculous Penalties

So I’m not sure if you heard about Lexi Thompson. How she was called a four stroke penalty in the middle of the round on Sunday – where this penalty occurred on Saturday. Absolutely silly! I have a three step solution for this.

One. We need to use common sense. If no competitive advantage is gained then what is the point of the penalty. Same was true with Dustin Johnson at the U.S. Open. No harm. No foul. No penalty.

Two. No more TV phone-ins. If officials want to watch the broadcast – that’s fine. But golf cannot be the sport where we have officials at home.

Three. Penalties are only available to be given on the day of the tournament. No more being penalized for something on Saturday that you notice on Sunday. Once you tee off on the next day – the opportunity and window for being penalized for the previous day is over.

Dan Patrick had an excellent take on this. I’ll publish it below. You really have to feel bad for Lexi.

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