I’m a Bit Over Comic-Con



Comic-Con has finally exploded into something it was never meant to be. It was supposed to be the nerd/geek culture coming together to share their love for comics and those that produce them. With the movie industry taking notice of SDCC, it’s exploded into something that it wasn’t meant to be. Waiting outside all night for panels that you want to see, walking around in a crowded indoor convention center, and fighting in lines for overpriced comic book items.

This is the first year in probably seven years that we weren’t able to buy tickets. We didn’t get them in the “You went last year so you get first dibs” line and we didn’t get them in the “Buy with everyone else.” Yep – there are really that many people that are attending that we couldn’t get tickets this year from either opportunity.

When I started thinking about the comic book shops in my local area on the drive home today – I thought that I have so many within a fifteen-minute radius that I don’t actually need comic-con.

Addressing the size issue. The major is proposing a tax put in tourists that visit to buy for the expansion on the convention center. San Diego Comic-Con is under contract to stay thru 2018 and I think they’re realizing that attendance is becoming an issue. They literally have to turn people away because they have reached the max for the convention center. My opinion: The city makes money off San Diego Comic-Con. Why aren’t they paying for the expansion?!? Why are they making money off the backs of tourists that are here? Just doesn’t seem right to me.


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