Sergio, John Oliver, and some Thor

Well Sergio finally did it.

Well done Sergio. I had a busy day yesterday but didn’t quite get to check-in on the Masters like I would have wanted. I even appreciated his sense of humor during the press conferences. Moving on….

John Oliver Nails it

An excellent video on Gerrymandering.

Trump vs Syria

Trump launched about 59 Tomahawks at an airfield in Syria. To me – empty gesture. Might as well be waving our hands saying,”Hey remember us?” I’m even wondering if it’s just a tactic to take us off what’s happening with the Russians.

That’s great Donald! Except what did we actually hit as they were launching planes the VERY next day? Also now it’s come to fruiting that we gave the Russians advanced warning. What’s the point of a show of force if they know it’s coming?


As usual – Thomas Friedman is spot on in his comments on ABC.

Of course, let us not forget how Trump changes his mind.


Let us not forget how this will impact foreign relations.

Lastly some Comic Goodness…

The new Thor: Ragnarok Trailer.

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