Golf, A Library Find, and Tommy’s Birthday

Golf Yesterday and Today

I played yesterday with quite a few errors. Some of them rather silly. Today was more of slightly the same. 82 today but too many forced silly errors on the front nine and then got some momentum going on the back 9 with seven straight pars and fell apart coming in. Wind started creeping into my thoughts and hitting different ball flights.

My group. Today I definitely enjoyed it more. Three other players that all wanted to compete and play. I could really care less if you shoot 72,82, 92, or 112 but if you have the desire to want to compete and do better – it’s all I need.

Going Thru my Library

I found this old video before my wife and I did the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. 13 miles baby.

Tommy’s Birthday

The boy turns 20. Hard to believe. Step-son and family are headed to a German restaurant for dinner. Still hard to believe he’s turning twenty. It seems like just yesteray he was doing cowabunga dives during swim team. Crazy! Below is a video of us paragliding in Hawaii.

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