Tommy’s Birthday.

My step-son turned 20 years old a few days ago. Originally, we had planned on going to Outback Steakhouse but instead, we wound up going to this German restaurant in Ocean Beach.  Kaiserhof was the name. I’m going to try and stick with the positive. It definitely does have that German vibe, excellent German beer, and does have decent German food. That’s where the positives end. Negatives – highly overpriced. Nearly $300 for six people this is without any appetizers and only three of us ordered any liquor. It was about thirty to forty-five minutes between when we got drinks and the food arrived. Argh!

But, it’s his birthday. If you’re going to do it but once a year – go for it. But maybe do it reasonably priced. Not my style.


On a slightly funny note. A week ago Tommy was involved in a slight car accident. I use the word slight because he was stopped at a red light and someone ran into the back left side of his bumper. So he has been without a car for about a week while the car is at the body shop. He’s also heading to study abroad for about a month in Oxford, England and to visit some family in Germany for about a week. Good. Now you’re caught up. So this conversation happened on the way to dinner.

Me: So are you missing your car?

Tommy: Yes definitely

Me: Well you’ll be gone a month without it soon.

Tommy: Do you mean my vacation?

(I’m puzzled. Vacation? No, it’s studying abroad. STUDY!)

Me: No it’s studying Tommy.

Tommy: Well it’s kind of a vacation.


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