Golf Weekend and Camera Review

Big weekend of lots of fun. Golf tournament round on Saturday and had some friends over for dinner in the evening. Lots of fun. Sunday played a round with my Member-Guest tournament partner.

Select Partner Round 1


So we’re in the hunt and in it. A lot of strokes we left out there. But more importantly, we had that competitive spirit and had fun.

Sunday Golf

I quite enjoyed it. Back tees which wasn’t what I was prepared for but with the course I normally play – it’s not so bad. 82 with again – lots of silly mistakes. More importantly though, I was able to upgrade to the Sony RX100 Mark V. Ebay gave me 90% of my initial┬ápurchase so I pulled the trigger and upgraded from my old one. First, off it’s blazing fast. Focus is really quick and with the nearly 30 frames per second – you literally will never miss a shot.

If you’re not sure of the camera – here’s a full review from a Trusted Source


Well, I took it out shooting for a round of golf. It’s faster than my DSLR in nearly 30 frames per second and also faster in autofocus. So if you have a baby, kids, or pets boy is this the camera that will capture everything. Also, a nice feature that has been around since the earlier Mark III, you can easily share all of the photos to your iPhone for sharing.


Keith McKee in Action



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