Science in America, Dan Patrick, Golf, and Doug loses


What an excellently done video with a lot of very valid points. We need to get back to the days of not being ignorant to what science is telling us. Science is our future.

Dan Patrick on the Patriots Hernandez Suicide


Some very mature observations.

Golf Yesterday

Graham, Pete, Gary and myself took off for a round of golf. 76 for myself was had. Nothing exciting. Definitely was a fairly boring round. But time with the guys is always enjoyable.

Doug Loses his Match

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I thought there was no chance of it happening. But alas it did. Five down at the turn and lost 4 down with three to play. I should have seen the writing on the wall when he once again showed up without enough time to warm-up. Oh well. After discussing it after my round yesterday, we came to the consensus that it’s much easier for a 15-20 handicap to get hot for a stretch and run away with a match than it is in the A & B flights. As long as he’s in the C-D flights, it’ll be something he has to deal with. You get a lot more players that used to be earlier in the year (12 handicaps) and now suddenly they’re 17. A lot easier to channel something from a year ago….or….c…h…e…a….t.



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