Kate Upton, North Korea, Bill Nye, and Boobs.. Oh and Tiger Woods.

Kate Upton of Lip Sync Battle

Looks like the rhetoric is heating up with North Korea. But before we get to that, how about some Kate Upton on Lip Sync Battle. How’s this even a show?!?

Well at least it’s fun.

North Korea

It’s becoming quite an issue. The rhetoric is definitely ramping up to levels we haven’t seen. People ask why we haven’t gone in there already and taken care of this. Not so easy when they have mobile missile command centers already pointed at our partners in South Korea. Thousands of casualtiesĀ could occur before we could act fast enough. Patriot missile defense systems are good but not that good. My opinion is we need pressure from China, Russia, and ourselves. So far it’s just The United States.

Bill Nye Answers some Science Questions

30th Anniversary of U2’s Joshua Tree

I can’t believe it’s been thirty years. Now that makes me feel old. My father had a Toyota Supra and it was the first CD player that we had in our home. Only problem? We had no CD’s in the house to play and test out the sound system. Off we went to the record store and we purchased our first CD – The Joshua Tree.

Drunk Woman at Cubs Game brings out the Twins

Maybe we need to instate drinking limits if you possibly look like you might be white trash. Argh!

Tiger Woods

Looks like Tiger Woods had another back surgery yesterday. From what I’ve been reading he’ll be out about six months. That puts a fork in him for the year. The good news – golf is in excellent shape with today’s young. Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Rory, Dustin Johnson, etc. I could go on. He needs to just turn golf off and focus on getting himself healthy to 100% and maybe have a serious conversation with himself about whether it’s possible to play again. Hello retirement!!

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