A Saturday Recap

American Airlines Troubles

What’s going these days with flights? Is it getting so bad that the safest option is really just to drive yourself. Sure is seeming that way.

Breaking News:

Maybe Sean Spicer will be a flight attendant

Weekend Golf

Partner Gary and I played Saturday and came in third in for the day in the A-flight. I’m counting two to three shots that we could realistically made up that would have had us winning the day. Lots of woulda coulda though. A 76 for myself and an 81 for my partner.

San Diego Escape Room Houdini


We tried the San Diego Great Escape Room Houdini downtown. Damn! We were so close. We had the last item figured out in the final seconds and just ran out of time. Wallah. So we got the consolation prize of this photo which I had to track down from their Facebook page. Thanks for taking everyone Becky & Bill.

Then Off to Dublin Square…



Excellent service!

One of my favorite places to go downtown. I usually don’t mind the loud music as well and I’m right at home in almost all Irish pubs. Probably due to the ‘down to earth’ vibe you get at most Irish establishments. But – there was one running joke that continued thru the evening. The table directly behind us had a couple that….let us just say….were introducing their bodies to one another. Geez man! Just go on home and have sex! Don’t make us all watch the “pre-game show”. Also – the dude was about 90lbs overweight. Argh!


The photo below definitely sums things up. When did I become the old grandpa of the group that has no interest in these things?!? Yikes! Below photo isn’t from the evening but I think it conveys the awkward vibe well.


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