Saturday Evening

Getting ready to head on out for dinner and drinks with some friends. It’ll definitely be an evening of fun. Always be safe and use Lyft or if you must – use Uber. Be safe everyone!

Climate March

EPA took down their climate page. So 99 and out of maybe 100 scientists believe that climate change is happening. Yet the Environmental Protection Agency deems it’s not an issue. Do they realize that we have no other option – there is no Planet B that we can go live on. There is no second chance. This isn’t a ‘whoops’ moment.

Trump and his 100 Days

Argh! Anyone remember when he said he’d release his tax returns?! Or when he made his comments that he doesn’t have time for golf? Appears he’s got a lot of time.

I can’t wait until he has to campaign on what he said and what he meant. Whoops!

What I’m Watching


People must have been watching this HBO Show called ‘The Leftovers’. It looks like something that should be on the Sci-Fi network. Very good. I’m hooked. Definitely pulls on all the right strings and the writing is decent. I’ll write more as I get thru season one.


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