Cubs Lose 5 in a Row

Nope. Not a dream. Definitely not a joke either. We have to suck it up and get thru it.

With this loss the Cubs drop to below 500. Below is some video I took of the overenthusiastic Cubs fan near me. I tried to get video of him screaming but everytime I started to record he got a little silent.


Jake Arrietta, today’s pitcher that will hopefully stop the Chicago Cubs skid at five games, had an excellent interview with ‘The Score AM 670’ where he was just stating that he welcomes brawls in baseball.

Jake – we need you today buddy.

Back to last night’s dismal performance. I’ll sum it up like this.

  • No hits with runners in scoring position. This whole series – too many runners left on base. 2nd to last in MLB with runners in scoring position. Cmon
  • Pitchers are giving up too many runs. We’re a better pitching rotation that this.

Maddon had this to say about the game. Spot on. Not a productive offense.

Kyle Schwarber, who’s still trying to find his way, with his batting .179 but did have a dinger last night – needs to find some consistency.


Jon Jay in the lineup. I understand Maddon was going for a contact hitter to try and bring in some runs but the dude struck out three flippin times. Just the kind of luck the Cubs are having of late.

Alien: Covenant – Huge Disappointment

eitzqasg9bpzxhxlfjtqHere’s a sentence that I wasn’t expecting. Alien: Covenant is bad.

Now the entire movie isn’t bad mind you. Nope. The first forty-five minutes are a worthwhile adventure. Then it turns into a giant alien turd sandwich.

For those unaware, Alien: Covent is a sequent to Ridley Scott’s 2012 film, Prometheus, and it follows the adventure of another space ship traveling into space.

I get tired of horror/sci-fi with incredibly stupid people in them. Basically, when I watch these movies all I have to think of is,”What’s the dumbest thing to do right now?” Boom – it happens.

We just got back into space after a horror filled adventure. Possible flesh-eating alien onboard. Yep – let us take off our clothes and have sex. I’m sorry but if I’m on a planet and I see a bunch of my friends get brutally killed – I’m going to need years of Dr. Phil therapy before I’m even thinking about having sex again.

Also, why was it necessary to even tell the story of the Alien creation? Yes, it’s a damn alien. It comes from ‘OUTERSPACE’. All we need to know is this. Every time we see the aliens they try to either kill us or use our bodies for mating pods. In each event, we end up dead. So no point in developing a backstory.

Highlight of the movie: Michael Fassbender as Walter/David.

Lowlight of the movie: Michael Fassbender playing a sociopath robot in David. Did your creator sexually molest you as a kid? Why are you so beyond fucked up? I know this will probably be the next series of movies to come out in fifteen years. It’ll probably be called ‘David: Robot Gone Bad’

Do yourself a favor. Save your money.

My biggest annoyance with the movie.


Prometheus is about us understanding our beginnings and we meet these engineers. We, at the end of that movie, are left with a bunch of questions. Boom! Sequel. David gets his black slime and kills all the engineers before we understand or know anything of them.

Packed Monday

5:30 AM Golf

Up in the morning to meet up with my buddy Keith for a 6:50 AM tee time. Sure did work well as we finished the golf in two hours and forty-five minutes. Not bad.

Shot Tracer came out with some interesting updates.

He had a 78 compared to my 80. Quite a bit of fun.

Cubs Game

Cubs continued to be kind of stuck in 2nd gear. They have too good of a lineup to give the pitchers no support. Eleven stranded runners on the bases. That just screams massive potential. Below is a video of Theo Epstein speaking at the Yale graduation.

As usual – I truly love spending time with my wife at the ballpark.


Home by 5 pm and Off to the Gym

One thing I love about the gym on Memorial Day – it’s empty. Literally my choice of any of the machines that I wanted.


Love Actually 2. Muslims. New Child in our Crazy World (Congrats)

Red Nose Day. Love Actually 2


Well, fans of Love Actually finally got some of the answers they were looking for. I quite enjoyed it.

Dinner with Tommy and Family Discussion

We had an interesting discussion talking about the Manchester bombing at a concert. I say that it was interesting as he must have interrupted me at least three separate times. He’s so focused on what he wants to say next and not listening to what is currently being said – and often times overanxious to say what he’s thinking next. Listening is definitely an important skill.

I quite enjoy Reza Asian – Professor of Religion at UC Riverside who appears on CNN and has appeared on Fox News.

He makes a lot of valid points below.

“We’re using two or three examples to justify a generalization – that’s actually the definition of bigoty. ” Reza – 2:55 in the video

I’m usually a big fan of the Pew Research Center for some stats. So here are some good stats on Muslims in the United States.

Rand Paul on Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia

Definitely a very valid point. Tax payer dollars are used to research and develop these weapons and then we’re selling them to countries that may in turn give them to ISIS. Why are we selling them to other countries when they’re for our protection?

Lastly…..but not of Least Importance.


My buddy Doug (and wife) gave birth to a beautiful girl yesterday. It was a long childbirth for Doug and after a day of nursing – Doug had this to say…

“Damn my nipples are sore. I’m done with this. Oh wife….your turn.” – Doug

Seriously…I’m very happy for you guys. Now, let’s start cutting down Doug’s golf clubs to get her ready for the LPGA Tour and college. Yes – I put it in that order on purpose.

Classic Ernie Els

In classic Ernie Els fashion, he penalized himself after chipping in for eagle. He wasn’t sure if the ball was his – so he proceeded to mark it to identify it. Then claim the ball came out too well based on how he put it back.

“The ball came out too good,” Els told reporters after his round. “So I felt I didn’t quite probably put it exactly where I should have.”

“It’s one of those things. The game of golf is what it is,” Els said. “I know deep down the ball wasn’t quite where it should be, and you know, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. So be it. It’s a five, and we move on.”


Good Wednesday

Morning Morning. It’s Wednesday we’re already off to the races.

My Life

I got to play some golf yesterday before getting home and working on some projects. Fun fun fun. Definitely wasn’t striking the ball very crisp. Quite a few thin shots. But still good to get out and walk. 18,000 steps – I’ll take it.

Member-Guest finished last Sunday. I think I was still tired yesterday from the days of that. Mentally draining. But still good to get out there and walk.

I’m starting a new diet today. It’s really not much of a ‘diet’ but more just counting what I’m eating and trying to eat it under a certain level. I was reading about the diet and health benefits of a two-day ketosis diet and I may incorporate something like that. But for starters – I’ll start with some accountability. Last time I did this – I lost something like thirty-five pounds.

My Buddy Doug – is having his baby tomorrow morning. I wish you the best in the biggest and most rewarding challenge of your life.


I got to take some last week portraits of their family before their latest addition. Definitely was a fun photoshoot but the real star of the shoot….


Let us start with things that I found of interest around the interwebs….

I particularly found of interest this video which John Green talks about life expectancy and your neighborhood/location.

Greg Norman

If you’re Greg Norman and you’ve broken your foot – you’re still getting in your daily workouts.

Just had to improvise.

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Kate Upton at Tiger Jam

The Tigerless TigerJam occurred. To raise money for who knows what.

Paige Spiranac makes Another Video

Well done Paige. Keep it up. #CallawayLovesThis

Who’s Paige?

Her latest youtube video below. Give it a watch golfers.

Oh, Lastly Melania.

You did it again. I’m starting to wonder if it’s on purpose. Cmon. The world is watching.

Trump a Hypocrite on the 5th Amendment. Melania takes a pass. Wonder Woman movie soon.

So it just got announced that Michael Flynn will invoke his 5th amendment rights. So he refuses to cooperate in the investigation into the dealings with Russia and our election. Anyone think this sounds familiar?

“If you’re innocent, why are you taking the fiften amendment? ” – Donald Trump during campaign talking about Hillary Clinton staffers

Lets also not forget this…

Hold My Hand. Melania – No Thanks

Good for a laugh.

Wonder Woman comes out Soon

The movie near forty years in the making is due out soon. Excited to see it with my daughter.


Day One of Member-Guest – Official


Our Member-Guest is always something of fun. I enjoy the people. I enjoy the environment. But it’s the 2% that really drag the enjoyment out of it for me. The flip side of that coin is when I hear this –

“Man I shot 73 today. I haven’t done that in like six months. It was a long frickin time.”

You hear that coming from a 5-6 handicap player and it’s within the realm of reason. But when I start to see the higher handicapped and flighted teams – and they’re posting rounds of 53 and 56 even in a ‘Best Ball’ – I start to wonder.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 05.56.12

Anyway – day two of the tournament is upon us. Time to get ready and head on out.

I’ll post more on this tonight.


Day One of the Member-Guest

Thanks Bob for joining us

Day One

The Sycuan Member-Guest 2017 is in full swing. Players of all playing abilities have joined together for two days of competitive golf. Officially starting tomorrow.

Day one is in the books and it’s a kind of non-tournament. A $50 sweeps tournament on Friday isn’t much but it gets everyone kind of in tournament mode. Or at least those that participated in the Friday event.

Above is one of our first time Member-Guest players hitting a huge tee ball. I realized something while playing today. It’s really not about the format or even if you win. It’s about the company and who you play with. That I enjoy quite a bit.

Keith McKee hits his approach shot on #2 of Oak

I shot a 77 for the day. About eight shots better than last year. My partner, Keith, shot a 79 but I got the feeling that he wasn’t entirely firing on all cylinders. Tomorrow is a new day – we’ll see.

I’m exhausted. Time for bed.