Monday Morning Teed Off

Step-Son Tommy Stops By

My just turned twenty year old step-son stopped by for dinner yesterday. He’s going to be moving home in a little bit under two weeks and that has been the source of a bit of drama. He has about six weeks until he leaves for a short lived study abroad for the summer so the big questions was – what will he do with all of that time? I stated unequivocally that he should be up at 8 am and try to do something productive each day. Whether that be exercise, going on a hike, job, or xyz. But I started getting push-back of him telling me ,”It’s my life…” Typical regurgitated response that I was expecting.

“All my roommates think you’re crazy for wanting me to get out of my bed by 8 am.” – Tommy

Well no kidding. No way?!? Is there a college student on the college campus that wouldn’t support that? I’m just trying to have him have a certain amount of productivity and to have a certain amount of structure where he can build some character and not just waste his days.  I’m fairly sure in his eyes that his six-week break will consist of a multitude of endless video games and sleeping. Absolutely you’re in charge of your own life – but for heavens sake – do something with it. *Sigh*


Apple Store Genius Appointment


The new Macbook keyboard has been a mixed bag. I love the retina display. The display is a thing of beauty. The weight? It’s the lightest laptop out there. But the keyboard. Terrible. Some people say it has been great but others (like my wife) it’s been a pain since near purchase. Some of the keys stick and others you don’t get any feedback from. This is definitely the worst keyboard that Apple has made in years. So I’m off to the Genius Bar to have it sent in for repairs.


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