John Green, Golf, and the Missing Idiot

John Green

Sometimes all you need is a thumbs up and it’s just the bit of encouragement that you need.

Golf News

Last evening we had a board meeting to discuss the upcoming events and basically the status of anything new. Summary – not a whole lot.

We have a first Wednesday tournament today which should be interesting. If it comes off without any hiccups it’ll be amazing.

I played yesterday and shot a 76. It wasn’t much special. No birdies. I played with my buddy Graham who has some amazing potential.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.56.48 AM

Did you hear that the USGA is thinking about banning ‘Green Reading Books’?

I agree with him. Putting and reading greens is a skill. Let the caddies and players read the green and then ‘show what you’ve got’.

Trump and I’m Baffled

So a news reporter is asking him for his opinion and his response is….

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