Trump Fires Comey, Rory with TaylorMade, Golf with the Boys, and more…


So let me get this straight. Candidate Trump praised Comey on the campaign trail. He praised him for what was probably the issue that undermined the election for her – he declared to the public that she was under investigation. Flash forward to now. He’s fired and White House is saying it’s for how he treated Hillary Clinton.

The obvious. This is pure complete garbage. Everyone knows Comey hasn’t been silent about their investigations into the Trump/Russia dealings. I think President Trump thought he could fire him and Democrats would be united behind him in doing so.

For your history buffs out there – there hasn’t been anything like this since October 20th, 1973 when Nixon fired his own special prosecutor into the Watergate scandal.

Golf Yesterday

Two rounds yesterday trying to get ready for a tournament in a week and a half. Definitely running on fumes and the concentration wasn’t there for the second round. 75 in the morning and 84 in the afternoon. Played with my buddies Doug and Eric – which is always usually an event. Eric couldn’t putt on the front side and Doug …. well…. he was Doug and was just all over the place.


What am I doing here? ‘Where in the world is Doug…’

Also to my buddy – Doug – per our discussion on how the economy is doing. I explained to him that President’s inherent economies from their predecessors. He wasn’t quite buying it. Oh how I love data. Data. Data. Data.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 6.43.25 PM

But I also form that opinion based on investments and the stock exchange.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 6.43.34 PM

Being that Trump has only had a little over 100 days in office – there isn’t a whole economically that he can take credit for yet. I’m not saying that Trump can’t have a positive impact on our economy, I’m just saying that it’s so soon that he’s still reaping the benefits from his predecessor.

Rory moves to TaylorMade

Rory claims he struggled at Augusta with the wind because of his equipment. Sorry! I’m calling BS. Hit the ball lower. You’re too good of a player to be blaming things on the equipment. I mean it’s a fun topic and we’re all following the latest and greatest in equipment but to say that it makes a monumental change in your game – is just silly.

Grayson Murray

Anyone remember him? He was the golfer that asked Lindsey Pelas to caddie for him should he qualify for the Masters. Who’s Lindsey?


This help?!?
Anyway, back on subject Chris. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Well he had a tiff with his caddie in the middle of his round with caddie. His caddie gave up and quite on the 9th hole and walked off. Geez – Grayson – stop being such a blowhard. Handle yourself better man! Read the story here.

Photo of the Day

Definitely my buddy Eric who was worried that his mancard was in jeopardy pushing a cart. Here – this should help….



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