Monday Morning

Mother’s Day

Well, it’s started. Another gorgeous day out with a chance of some light showers. We celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday with having (nearly) all of my wife’s kids over for a steak dinner. The kid’s father and grandmother also attended and it was definitely a lot of fun. Prime Costco steaks and then a deep conversation about music and what bands you’re into was the primary discussion point.

Happy Mother’s Day to my wife. Definitely couldn’t do this without you.

Saturday Night Out

We had a good time catching up with the Babington’s. Nice to see them before their life totally changes. They’re about to have their first – plus one. The family will be a bit bigger.


Damn, I definitely did drink too much that evening. Woke up with a tiny headache. Boom! Two ibuprofen and thirty minutes later I was good as new.

It was even nice that the Shepherds met up with us for a drink near the end of our dinner.


Will Farrell Commencement Speech

Anyone see this? Quite funny.

Sean Spicer Returns

Quite funny. Cracked me up….

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I was actually told that it’s very therapeutic to have a space where you can vent your thoughts, etc. It has definitely been that.

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