Love Actually 2. Muslims. New Child in our Crazy World (Congrats)

Red Nose Day. Love Actually 2


Well, fans of Love Actually finally got some of the answers they were looking for. I quite enjoyed it.

Dinner with Tommy and Family Discussion

We had an interesting discussion talking about the Manchester bombing at a concert. I say that it was interesting as he must have interrupted me at least three separate times. He’s so focused on what he wants to say next and not listening to what is currently being said – and often times overanxious to say what he’s thinking next. Listening is definitely an important skill.

I quite enjoy Reza Asian – Professor of Religion at UC Riverside who appears on CNN and has appeared on Fox News.

He makes a lot of valid points below.

“We’re using two or three examples to justify a generalization – that’s actually the definition of bigoty. ” Reza – 2:55 in the video

I’m usually a big fan of the Pew Research Center for some stats. So here are some good stats on Muslims in the United States.

Rand Paul on Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia

Definitely a very valid point. Tax payer dollars are used to research and develop these weapons and then we’re selling them to countries that may in turn give them to ISIS. Why are we selling them to other countries when they’re for our protection?

Lastly…..but not of Least Importance.


My buddy Doug (and wife) gave birth to a beautiful girl yesterday. It was a long childbirth for Doug and after a day of nursing – Doug had this to say…

“Damn my nipples are sore. I’m done with this. Oh wife….your turn.” – Doug

Seriously…I’m very happy for you guys. Now, let’s start cutting down Doug’s golf clubs to get her ready for the LPGA Tour and college. Yes – I put it in that order on purpose.

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