Packed Monday

5:30 AM Golf

Up in the morning to meet up with my buddy Keith for a 6:50 AM tee time. Sure did work well as we finished the golf in two hours and forty-five minutes. Not bad.

Shot Tracer came out with some interesting updates.

He had a 78 compared to my 80. Quite a bit of fun.

Cubs Game

Cubs continued to be kind of stuck in 2nd gear. They have too good of a lineup to give the pitchers no support. Eleven stranded runners on the bases. That just screams massive potential. Below is a video of Theo Epstein speaking at the Yale graduation.

As usual – I truly love spending time with my wife at the ballpark.


Home by 5 pm and Off to the Gym

One thing I love about the gym on Memorial Day¬†– it’s empty. Literally my choice of any of the machines that I wanted.


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