Producer Talks Wonder Woman and now has made $223 Million WorldWide. Success!

Producer talks about all the writing that took place getting Wonder Woman onto the silver screen. Also talks about the upcoming Justice League reshoots that are happening.


Looks like Wonder Woman made $223 million worldwide. Thus making it the most successful female lead movie and female-directed movie ever.

Wonder Woman Review *Spoiler free*


My Review

This is the movie that we’ve waited for. So well done. Patty Jenkins had the tough job of trying to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen for all ages. To portray her sexy but also really smart and to be able to stand with the best fighters. Well – Patty – mission accomplished.

We needed a movie today that makes us feel hopeful. Diana is the woman that cares for all and wants peace in mankind. Well done. It’s the perfect mix of adult and kid humor.

Also, major kudos to Zach Synder for casting the perfect Wonder Woman.

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I found this a bit interesting….

Even better that Chris Hemsworth took the time to respond.