Good Morning

Good morning. It’s Thursday.

US Open 117 is upon us. Who’s your pick? I’d definitely like to see Jon Rahm pull out a victory. But this US Open, like all of the others, will definitely require some luck.

New Ping’s Spotted


Me likey….

Yesterday’s Golf

Dylan and I played against Gary and my buddy Pete. They’re getting ready for a senior scramble tournament this weekend and Pete suggested, “How about Gary and I vs you two?” That was a mistake.  -1 and square making the turn to finishing -8. Cardinal rule. Make sure one of you has a safe shot.

My few tips for two man-scrambles.

  • Usually, have the lower skilled player go first. That way the higher skilled player can determine how much risk he wants to take on the next shot.
  • If one is a more skilled putter but a higher handicap player – have him putt last as to use his strengths. Let him see the line and give him a read off the first.
  • If player 1 is in danger – player 2 sometimes needs to down club and hit the safe shot.


Ball behind coin sir. Behind coin. HaHa


US Open

Looks to be a tough test. That was the initial feeling. But after watching some of it – looks as if we may see some low numbers. My picks – Rickie Fowler and Dustin Johnson. Rickie has the new girlfriend who’s ready to help pole vault him into the top position.

What I’m Watching…

Chips. You remember the tv show? Well they decided to weaponize it into a movie. Why is it so terrible? Oh yeah Dax Shepherd wrote and directed it.

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