No Cameras, Rand Paul, and Newsroom – My Favorite

No Cameras at Press Events

It’s just rather ridiculous that this is happening. You’re being paid by tax dollars and you were elected by the American public. Then you decide to not have public recordable press events?!? Cmon. We’re better than this. Imagine if the Obama administration had decided to close press events while putting together a health care bill? Can you imagine the uproar?

This journalist during a bit yesterday makes some very valid points speaking on behalf of newspapers and all tv outlets.

Rand Paul who I enjoy – most of the time – tried bringing up some valid points with Erin Burnett last night. My only question to him. Is there a model with a large country where what you’re proposing – does actually work?

One of my Fav Newsroom Scenes

Sloan’s boyfriend publishes pictures that were taken of her during a private trusted moment.

Last minute Additions….

Phil Mickelson gave some great parenting advice…

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