Montero and IPhone Ten Years Ago

Miguel Montero on Wednesday said he takes responsibility for ripping pitcher Jake Arrieta after the Nationals ran wild in a victory over the Cubs on Tuesday.

But after getting designated for assignment by the Cubs, he also didn’t back down from what he said.

“Sometimes people can’t handle the truth,” he said. “That’s my biggest issue. I’m just straightforward, man, a straight shooter. I’m not going to say you’re pretty when you’re ugly.”

It’s a good thing the Cubbies parted ways. Hopefully, they can trade him for something but most likely he’ll be released. Let us not forget that he was very influential in getting the Cubbies to the world series.

Cubs fans just have a feeling of ‘we did it last year and this year we’re just exhausted.’ It would be like asking an astronaut if he’d like to go to the moon – again. Well, you’ve already been there once. The Cubbies just don’t have that fire or that sense of enjoyment that they had last year.

IPhone Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, on this very day, the IPhone was announced by Steve Jobs.

No product has generated more revenue for Apple than their iPhone.

Here is Steve Jobs talking about the origin of the IPhone.

Of course, you cannot forget how Steve Balmer thought that the iPhone was going to be ridiculous.

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