Good Morning

Happy Monday. Bring on the Monday morning 4th of July madness.

Phil Mickelson on Chipping

Definitely a good segment.

Golf with my Daughter

I took my daughter out to the golf course and she had a good time. Though she won’t admit it. Playing from tee to green and she even sank a few clutch putts. Usually in the past, I’ve just had her drop up close to the green and hit up from there. This time, however, she insisted on playing up from the tees this time.


My buddy Pete texted me yesterday that he’s helping a BBQ that has 180 people in it. Wow!


Cubs and the All-Star Game

Not a single Cubbie from last year’s team made this year’s All-Star game. Wow. I’m just flabbergasted. On an upside, Jake Arrieta threw a one-hitterĀ and looked like the pitcher of old.

Player tells Caddy not to Bring Rain Gear

Kang definitely paid for it in the rain. Who’s to blame? I would always put the blame on the player.

Conservative Charles Krauthammer

He was on Fox News – as he is regularly and he’s usually a mind that I enjoy listening to. I completely agree with him when he says that when the President acts like this that he degrades the office of ‘President of the United States.

Mark Crossfield on Changing your Golf Skillset

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