Today’s Laughs. Golf. Some Gifs.

Today’s laughs

If that doesn’t make you laugh. I’m not sure what will. Or maybe you’ve been living with your head in the sand.

I found this funny gif that I just find hilarious.


It’s perfect for when you have to tell someone to chill out.

Epic Hybrid

Mark Crossfield did this great review of the Epic Hybrid. I agree on a lot of what he said at one point in the video – what more do I need out of a hybrid? I don’t need it to go further. I need it to hit the distance that I’m expecting and not create an unnecessary gap in my clubs.

Hanging out with Doug and Jenn

Good to see our friends Doug and Jenn tonight. They’re doing wonderfully with their newborn. Yes – it’s the toughest job of your life and you’re doing just fine. When the child is two you’ll look back on this time and hardly remember how tough it was. Anyway – Bravo and you’re both doing well.


Golf Yesterday.

We’re starting to play slightly earlier due to battling the heat. Boy does it get hot. But I walked yesterday in 95 degrees the last two hours and finished with a 79 on the blue tees from 6500 yards. Definitely a lot that I’m still working on.

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