Cubs lose in a big way, Donald Trump Jr admits to meeting, and IPhone 8 News


How about that Cubs game? Losing 14-3 much to do with the first inning. The wheels have completely fallen off. I think between Dexter Fowler, Chapman, hitters that were regulars last year, and the pitchers of last years – just not producing – you have the nightmare the Cubs fans are now living. It has definitely been a rough season. That’s being kind.

Now the only highlight of the game. The Cubs sent outfielder Jon Jay to the mound in the 9th. He threw a blazing 56 mph with his curveballs at a speed of 46 mph.

Presidential News

‘impenetrable’ and you want it co-designed with the very people that we think are the lead culprits to trying to hack our election? Also – anyway that knows anything – software is written by people. People are flawed in thinking and design. So there will always be FLAWS that people use for hacks. So the word impenetrable is just plain silly.


Donald Trump Jr – has now confirmed that he took a meeting with a lawyer from the Russia that claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. So the story keeps on changing. Trump originally said that he had no knowledge of anyone meeting with Russia. Are you this out of touch with your own son that he wouldn’t tell you that he’s heading to Russia to get dirt on Hillary Clinton? Ok lets even give him a pass for that. What was gained? Where’s the dirt that was used? What was the scathing information that the American public went ,”oh my….”? Didn’t happen. I’m smelling bullcrapola.

The White House sent out KellyAnne to try and do damage control.

IPhone 8

The big item to be included with it – wireless charging. Strong sources are saying that it might not come with the phone at launch.

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