Uber Allows and Encourages Tips

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Uber tomorrow is going to match every tip given to drivers. Now, this has to be an in-app tip. Not give the driver $5 and Uber matches it.

I’ve called for Uber to allow this for the longest time. Their CEO was against this and boom – he was asked to leave the board of his own company for basically not listening to what the users wanted. Also – the company was found to have rampant sexual harassment claims that were ignored by management. Enter tips and Uber finally has some good PR.

Good on you Uber!

3 thoughts on “Uber Allows and Encourages Tips

    1. Tipping will not remove the sexual harassment but it’s a step of finally some good PR. In a moment where the company is bleeding badly from wounds – it needed to find something positive. This “tipping” was something that went against the founders wishes. They still have a LONG way to go. But a new board and a new CEO will be a good start along with listening to customers.

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