Wednesday Morning

Happy Wednesday Everyone.

CochLear Fun

I spent my Tuesday night sitting at a Cochlear Implant Support group in Carmel Mountain Ranch. After all of these consults, we’re still undecided on which she wants done. So many options. My wife had a bad cold and went to the Doctor when she couldn’t hear out of her ear. Physicians told her that it was just blockage due to fluid in the ear. Fast forward a bit and we find out that it wasn’t a blockage. That she had an ear infection and because she wasn’t treated with steriods soon enough – she was left with no hearing in one ear.

Wife with Dr. Laura

Anyway. The Cochlear is a more invasive procedure that, fortunately, my wife only lost hearing in one ear. The Cochlear Company does make a product called the Baha that uses bone conductive technology for sending sound directly through the bone of your skull to your sound processing parts of the brain. These are all options far more advanced than hearing aids.

On a slightly funny note. The room probably had an average age of seventy years old. Cochlear sends in this representative with a Audiologist speciality who is this representative for Cochlear. Just so happens to be a beautiful twenty-five year old.?!?! What do I do while I’m sitting through this? I find Dr. Laura on social media. I find her mentioned on a Cochlear website, I find her last name, and then I find her Linkedin page.



I start playing a game with myself where I’m wanting to predict her salary. As we walk out, I say to my wife ,”Look for the most expensive car in the parking lot.”

BMW Series 8 Car with IDrive. Yep. I find it and then I’m thinking her salary is more 500k-600k a year.

Cochlear has a good gig. They know their products are covered by insurance and that the upgrades in processors are covered under insurance every five years. Can you imagine if Apple had their IPhone’s covered by insurance? How much would their sales increase?

Different Note…

Dave Bautista from Guardians of the Galaxy talks about what it’s like working with Robert Downey Jr on Avengers: Infinity War.

Health Care

Isn’t this shameful? This just shows you how incompetent our Congressional Leaders are. I personally think it’s a good thing. You can’t go from giving people something to taking it all away. Playing politics with people’s health care is NEVER good. But what happened with Donald Trump’s ability to negotiate this big deals and all of that. So far everything has been just along party lines. When will he realize that he’s the President for ALL people. That means at times you do things that are against what your direct party stands for and what is best for the many. If you know that Obamacare is going to cause many problems for Americans – so of which did vote for you – you have an obligation to HELP them. You can’t just keep playing politics with their health care. David Gergen says it best below:

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