Saturday Goodness. Chris Cornell Tribute, Apple Watch, and more


As many know, we lost Chris Cornell to suicide weeks ago. Well, just yesterday his daughter along with One Republican frontman Ryan Tedder gave a very touching performance as a tribute to her father.

Moving on….

Karate Kid Continues….


The Karate Kid rivalry between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence is alive and well — and will now feature a new generation. Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube were all bidding for the series. Mainly it’s a story of Daniel is now raising a family and struggling with the loss of his mentor and best friend Miagi and Johnny Lawrence opens up a Cobra Kai studio and tries to bring back the past.

What made me say yes after all these years — and I’ve been very protective of the franchise and where Daniel LaRusso sits in the world 30 years later — these guys, Josh, Hayden and Jon had such a smart and fresh angle in. It was relevant today yet had all the pop culture — they had the perfect marriage and angle in bringing it from the Johnny Lawrence [point of view],” Machio said. “It’s not unlike how Creed was a film that was about Apollo Creed’s son but you had Rocky Balboa in it in a certain way. [Cobra Kai] is not the first time anyone looks at a fresh angle from the villain’s point of view, but it was just smart to go that way and to cover these dual lives and do a rivalry series in a smart and funny way, and on top of that infuse the high school world — which is a big part of the show as well — for the new generation.”

One of my all-time favorite movies.

Robert Pattinson Oddness

Has Hollywood gone completely insane and off the rains? Robert is being praised by Peta for refusing to masturbate a dog during the filming of a scene for a movie. What the hell is wrong with people that we’re putting this as content for movies?!?!

Comic-Con Cosplay

Someone asked me what my favorite cosplay that I had seen at San Diego Comic-Con.

Well here you go…

Cubs T-Shirts

Have you seen these rather silly and obvious t-shirts that they’re selling for Cubs games?! I guess they’re selling like mad with all kinds of different varieties.


I read this morning that reliable sources are saying cell phone connectivity is coming to the Apple Watch along with a new form factor. This is huge! No more having to have the watch nearby to do tasks with the phone. You can go for a three-mile run and respond to IMessages and make phone calls from the watch. The big question that remains to be seen is what is the battery life?!

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