Hey It’s Thursday

We had a good gathering with friends last evening. My buddy Randy and I had a bit of a falling out with the election last year. He’s a bit louder and outspoken whereas I’m a bit more reserved and diligent in my word choices. I’m also a bit more careful as to what I post to social media as once it’s out there, even if you think it’s in a private setting, you can never escape what you post.

Add some beers and that was all that it took to bury the hatchet.

Randy Gage and Pixie
Pixie and Randy

Hard to believe how far we’ve come. If you think back to 1999 with both of us working in a photo lab in Ohio to now us both with families and kids.  You hanging onto parts of being straight edge and eating your noodles every day in the back of the photo lab. Now you’re running after a two-year old complaining about a nanny that is giving your daughter a diaper rash.


Randy outside of San Diego Comic-Con

Good luck buddy on your life adventure with family.


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