Eclipse Time. Ben Affleck Walks SDCC. Colin and Football

Eclipse Happy

The United States has gone eclipse happy. This is how our “leader” spent the time.


How did I?


First Something fun…

San Diego Comic-Con is just huge. If you’re a celebrity, it’s kind of become the thing to try and walk around the convention floor without getting mobbed. Many of them dress up in small costumes to try and walk around the convention floor without being noticed.


Ben Affleck tried just that in a Sesame Street costume.

Kaepernick and Football

Sure he does have a first amendment right of freedom of speech. Nobody is denying that. You may even appreciate what he’s doing it for. But you have to also understand that the owners have a right to not hire you because of what is said. Colin has become a distraction to the team and owners want to field the best team possible. If you’re an exceptional football player (Rodgers – Brady) I don’t think the owners would care and your football performance is enough to overshadow the other attention that you’d draw. Problem with Colin, his on-field performance hasn’t been great and he has difficulty throwing the 15-20 yard completed football pass. He requires an offense geared entirely around his strengths and weaknesses which even makes it difficult for him to even be a backup quarterback.

He needs to take a play out of Michael Vick’s playbook. Take a contract for cheap and show an owner that he can be a welcomed addition to the team. Then your following contract will be worth what you’re wanting.


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