Happy Sunday Everyone

A good discussion about Global Warming. Trends and probability. How often are more major storms occurring? You look at that year to year and you can start to form a trend.

College Football

#2 OSU came alive in the 2nd half to beat Indiana. SDSU looked good against Davis. Alabama beat #3 Florida State. So all and all it was about what anyone expected in college football. It’s too early in the season for upsets anyway.


I think I’m officially¬†shutting things down for a while. I have the itch to play and practice but my wrist when I feel it pushing a club up while holding it is just causing some light annoyance. As my buddy, Dylan says – time to shut it down for a while and really heal. Maybe a month of just chipping and putting. Whatever it is – it’ll definitely be some time.

My Daughter

I had my daughter this weekend and she’s just growing up so fast. So much to say. I keep thinking of the future and what she’ll be like. I keep having to remind myself to focus on the now. It’s hard to do when you have a child that is growing up right in front of your eyes.

Heat Wave

We’ve been getting crazy 100 degree days for nearly a week now. Finally due to settle down today with some rain. Let us hope that actually happens.

Funny House Bit.

I loved this moment on House from years ago….

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