Happy Labor Day

Labor Day Cook Out

We attended a Labor Day evening cookout that was a lot of fun. Food that was prepared since 7 am was amazing. So juicy and just the right amount of not rough and not falling apart. This coming from a very simple food guy.

What was interesting. Three different Marines from three semi-different age brackets. 40 (myself), 36 another, and 26 another.


Myself an Infantry grunt, another Pararescue, and another was a radar tech for F18’s. I did enjoy my one dig that I got in …

“If you’re not Infantry – then you’re just support.”

The 2nd eldest realized the truth to this right away. While the youngest it wasn’t sinking in. My how my beloved United States Marine Corps is changing. But on a funny note, all three of us wound up with really hot significant others and are all married. So well done gents. It is a bit different to realize that I’m talking with someone that is as young as my step kids. Then I realized they’re probably thinking, “This guy is really old…”


Golf News


Stacey Lewis ended her three-year drought and as promised, donated the the entire check. If that doesn’t buy some good karma then I’m not sure what will.

Onto the Men’s tour – anyone catch that Sergio broke his putter and was putting with a 3-wood and a 3-iron. Still managed to make some birdies.

Everybody make sure you have a safe labor day.


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