Bring on Wednesday

Jordan Spieth Throws First Pitch at Wrigley

A little kid wanted to meet Jordan Spieth and had his wish granted by the Cubs organization. Ironically he wanted to give Jordan a gift.

Ted Cruz

Did you hear that his twitter account liked a porn video? Now all the comedians have fodder for the next week. Some of the funniest comments about it. I’ll post below.

“Everyone watches porn, all right? It’s part of being a normal human being. Which is exactly why we know Ted Cruz didn’t do it. He’s pretending to like porn as a way to blend in with the rest of the human species. Nice try, Ted.” – Trevor Noah

“Someone discovered that Ted Cruz had liked a tweet from a porn account. Yeah, as you can imagine, that was one very embarrassing day for that porn account” – Conan O’Brien

For some Reason…

I’m normally not a fan of country. 90’s alternative rock in my thing. Give me Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, etc…

But for some reason, this country song from Thomas Rhett is sticking with me and I quite like it.

Golf with the Big Boys

I got out for some golf yesterday with Eric and Dylan. A lot of fun but more than anything I missed the walking out there. I hit some quality shots and also a few terrible ones. *shrugs* that’s golf.

One more thing….

Yes there was a big Apple Event and yes I’m going to cover it. I’ll probably have a full write-up tomorrow.

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