Wednesday Golf

First Wednesday Tournament

We had a three clubs and a putter tournament. It’s a bit silly when people ask me what’s the tournament about – it’s ‘Three Clubs and a putter’. Anyway, I rather enjoy it as it’s something different. Not the always ‘low net’.

It’s a lot of creativity that is involved with it. Chipping with different clubs than you’re used to, quarter shots, and trying to hitting yardages you’re not used to normally hitting with certain clubs. A good amount of fun. It’s about as a ‘Mickey Mouse’ tournament as I still find fun.

My play: I hit some good shots. Some poor ones. But was entirely wrist pain free. Which is a step in the right direction. Finished. Golf doesn’t particularly matter if I shoot 109 or 76.

Pop Morgan wins his flight

One of the guys in my group, Pop Morgan, who’s been through a lot lately managed to win his flight. Ironically, he forgot to put in for sweeps. The first time in 9 years that he forgot to do sweeps.

One of our players, Pete, on the 16th hole decided he had enough and was going to quit.  I get to the next tee box and I ask him somethings…

Me: Pete – why are you quitting?

Pete: I’m tired….

Me: We’re all a bit tired.

We had four holes remaining. Pete is riding around in a golf cart and parking nearby every single green. Driving to his ball and parking next to it. Yet – with four holes left he’s tired. One of our other fellow players thinks he just gets embarrassed of his score and just doesn’t want anyone seeing it. But – he has no problem telling anyone that ,”I don’t give a shit.” Something isn’t adding up. He just doesn’t understand that there is a value to finishing something that you start.

Yep – I’m right with you Lee Trevino. The most ridiculous part is he finished two more holes – what happened to tired?! Got to 18 – got his par and drove on in. We made the turn with two – yes just two – holes to go and he called it quits. So he, Pete, gets the big WD. Though there was some discussion of he might have earned a DQ for failure to complete holes.

Dr. Bob Rotella (Sports Psychologist in Golf) had a great quote on this subject….

“It’s important to identify if you’re withdrawing because you care too much about what other people think about what you shoot. You can’t compete to impress people.”

We made the turn without him and the gossip sure did start from the other players.  It was rather comical.

Moving on….

It’s Petco Park time again for Callaway. Let us not forget when Mark Crossfield was at Petco. *brag*

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