Soccer Saturday

I’m off this morning to watch my daughter play some soccer. Like her father – it seems that she’s taken a liking to goalie. I played soccer all the way up until Freshman year of high school when it became time to decide what my sport focus was going to be. It turned out to be Cross-Country and golf on the weekends with my dad.

But speaking of soccer – did you see the highlights of the USA vs Panama match. What a game. Why is it that I absolutely love soccer announcers?!? They’re so high energy. It’s not like golf or basketball/football.

A Buddies Anniversary

My friend’s Doug and Jenn have their anniversary today. Geez. Hard to believe how far you both have come. I have this good Adobe Lightroom feature that will look for specific faces through my thousands of photos – it’s handy for when you’re looking for a commemorative photo. So to that – I give you this one from 5 years – 11 months – 16 days ago. October 11th 2011.

Happy Anniversary!

Moving on….

Cubbies won a match of just pure pitching talent. Strassburg vs Hendricks. Nationals just had no run support and couldn’t hit Cubs pitching. They should fare better against Lester coming up.

On that note – it’s time for me to grab some coffee and time to head on out.

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