Happy Sunday

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live opening with Donald Trump was quite funny.

Pumpkin Spice is back…”Abort Mike. Abort. Get outta there.”

Cubs Baseball…

Cubs lost in LA. It’s ok. They had a lot happen to them. An emergency detour of their flight on the way as there was an issue with one of the player’s wives. Anytime, you get something out of the ordinary and it disrupts the ‘usual’ schedule things can go arise on the day after.

The play at home that got reviewed and overturned. Argh. I’m siding with David Ross here (Fellow catcher). Video below.

Oh and in case you’re not sure of what play I’m talking about – I’ll show you the video below.

Aztecs lost but Ohio State won Big

Aztecs lost but boy did they have an attendance. Just under 50,000 people in attendance. Huge!

Golf Tournament Yesterday

We had our once monthly Saturday tournament. 70+ people out for this one. Excellent turnout. Best 3 balls of 4. We tried. We had some fun. But the middle of the tournament is where we finished.

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