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iPhone X on Sale

Apple launched their iPhone X for sale last night at midnight. My wife and I both stayed up to purchase. It seems this year that the people that were on the iPhone Apple Payment Program really had an advantage at checkout. My wife was done and ordered her phone in a matter of minutes at 12:05 AM. Mine took about fifteen minutes longer and is due to arrive in two-three weeks. So just in time for Thanksgiving. Shipping times have now slipped to the middle to late December and we may soon see them slip to mid-January by the middle of today.

What’s odd? Two things. Apple is selling them in stores this year at launch with what they’re telling customers will be severely limited quantities. This translates to a lot of people waiting lines very early in the morning and Apple getting the press coverage of people in various cities waiting in long lines. It’s a bit disappointing as I thought Apple was over the days of going after publicity like this. But they’re one of the few companies that can churn up this level of publicity each given year. If you got it – flaunt it as it goes. The IPhone has the demand so they’re using that to their advantage.

The second bit of oddness. The phone officially comes out November 3rd and already they’re on eBay selling at a premium of over a 100% markup. So you can buy on eBay a phone that will be delivered to you on November 3rd but you pay $2300 vs at cost $1300. That’s crazy!

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