Happy Halloween

So it begins….

Halloween is off to a roaring start. It’s hard to believe how many of these holidays I’ve celebrated. Some of them I’ve actually gone through the trouble of dressing up for but I can say that honor has not happened within the last 5 to 10 years.

I hope you noticed the site change that I managed to do for Halloween. It will be up there until November 1. So have a look while you can. Just something a little different. I’m not one of these people that changes my background picture every few days to try to make my website look different. When people come to my site I want people to know what they’re getting because they’re used to a look.

A Little bit of a commentary coming at you. How about this Halloween we stay away from the politics? How about we just post pictures of our kids.? Maybe we as parents try not to complain about every little thing?

Also‚Ķ What’s up with all the oversharing on Facebook.? Do people just really have nothing better to do than just endlessly post their lives on Facebook? Of course, I say that as I’m posting some of my life to this website that I run.

Stephen A on Players Wearing Hoodies in the NBA

John Smoltz on the World Series

Astros definitely have some momentum. Can they keep it going in Los Angeles?!? I’ve felt for a long time that Kershaw in overrated in the playoffs. One hundred playoff innings and a nearly 4.5 ERA vs his regular season 2.5 ERA. I knew that Astros would be able to get one game off of him. For a $250 million dollar pitcher, you have to come up big in the playoffs.

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