iPhone X Review: Way Cool But More

I’ve now played with the iPhone X for two days. First day was second hand with my wife’s and second day I got lucky and found a store with one in stock. At first, I was very reluctant as it does feel like a smaller phone than the 7 Plus. My initial thoughts before playing with the iPhone X –

  • The 5.8 inches is a trick as it’s not as wide as the iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus which makes it less than ideal for watching any video on it. It’s not 16:9 which makes the aspect ratio on the phone weird.
  • No touch ID. Why couldn’t Apple have really surprised people and put TouchID on the back? Top Android phones are doing this and I hope Apple does that with the X 2.
  • It’s still a 12-megapixel camera. How much does that mean? To moderately serious photographers – not much because the sensor on these phones is incredibly small. I almost wish they charged an ultra-premium for a ‘Photographers Edition’
  • OLED. Yes, you can rant about how awesome the colors look on it. But the problem with OLED is ‘burn in’. Same as with OLED televisions. Over a period of time eventually, most OLED panels get light to severe burn in. Will these panels be any different? We don’t know as this is Apple’s first edition using the panels from Samsung.


Now my review based on my time using it. My big annoyance is still around. Every phone that Apple ships has ways of the iPhone charging faster. Yet Apple chooses not to include those cables for the fastest charging. Why?!? This time is no different.

This iPhone X has a better camera than the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. Hugely different? No. But you can notice it if you look at the colors and the sharpness around people. Again it’s a smaller sensor so for anything which you know you’ll really want to cherish, I’d use an actual camera. Remember those? Higher quality lenses with more megapixels.

It completely ditches the home button. Initially, I thought this was a negative. But then I remembered my complaints with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 5 was that the home button always made me feel like the device was very simplistic.

The iPhone X feels ahead of its time, perfect for a target audience of technology enthusiasts and obsessive photographers. Everyone else may want to wait awhile to buy as there is a slight learning curve. Actions that you’ve been using for 3/4 of a decade are now gone. You might as well get ready and learn them as this is the direction that Apple is headed.

Bottom line

In terms of features, the iPhone X is the most impressive smartphone ever made. It’s worth the $999 — but that doesn’t mean you should buy it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the iPhone X to my tech-crazed friends or photographers, but the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 are just as fast while being simpler and more familiar to use.

Then again, if you are willing to get up early to line up for a $999 phone, you are probably the target demographic for the iPhone X anyway. Make sure you grab a coffee while you wait in line.

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