Best Moments of 2017

Some of these are a downright catastrophe. I just couldn’t help but list them as a highlight of the year. I’m not ranking these in any particular order.


We cannot forget Mariah Carey’s Awful performance in 2016 – start of 2017.



Michelle Obama’s expression’s caught on camera at the Inauguration.


BBC Dad who gets interrupted by his family during the interview.

This led to many well-done parodies.



We cannot forget Donald Trump using Twitter even after he told various news outlets that he’d use it sparingly. An example below of it blowing up in his face.


Trump had no choice but to try and laugh at it….


Our Solar Eclipse. Anyone remember the need for everyone to buy the glasses so that you’re don’t potentially damage your retina’s? Amazon and others were selling like crazy.



Donald Trump takes on the NFL


Harvey Weinstein.


Who can forget how badly he crashed and burned?


The #MeToo moment on Twitter and Facebook started by Alyssa Milano.


Matt Lauer terminated from ‘The Today Show’. It’s come to light that he had an automatic door lock for his office installed. Argh! Many other moments.



Tiger Woods returns to golf this year.



Just barely missing out. This was the year of ‘The Last Jedi’

Hello Thursday

Yesterday was a good day to get out for some golf. Mid-70s when we finished the round. It would have been better had I played some good golf but it is what it is. Below is my buddy Eric who was determined to either 1. Be festive 2. Support SDSU 3. Be a distraction to me on the tee box and putting green. I’ll even go with all three.


New Practice

I’ve always thought for a while that it might be a good idea to reflect at the end of the year and write down the items that you did well and you want to take into 2018. Also write down the items that weren’t positives that you want to leave in 2017.


Golfing Saturday. Happy Christmas Eve


Golf with the Guys

It was good to get out with the guys for what turned into a slightly competitive round of golf. It was excellent that we got five people to show up and play an excellent game of Wolf.  The “Doctor” Keith McKee was in the house feeling pumped after his nearly $700 poker win. So I expected a good match. What I didn’t realize was that he’s in the middle of working on a swing change to try and get some additional yardage due to Father TIme. That leads to some rather erratic shots from him while he’s working on getting his wrists to fire faster into the ball. It’s all timing and he’ll have it down before you know it.

Yesterday was one of my better rounds and the first sign that I’m back from my injury.  I got to the 18th hole and both my partners were in trouble and I had a bunker shot. Keith walks up to me and says ,”No pressure you have to make it.” I literally was trying. I still knocked it close enough for an easy tap in to force a tie. I’ll take it. I need pressure situations like that.

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 7.54.12 AM

Star Wars: Last Jedi

I’m seeing this again with my daughter Joy. She’s all of nine years old and has seen all of the films. I’m curious to see what her take on it will be as I feel the film is really geared towards an audience of ten to fourteen years old.

RIP Dick Enberg

One of the last few classy broadcasters that always tried to highlight the importance of the game and tried to view the positive. He’ll definitely be missed.

Last Night…

We got everyone together for a pint at Hooley’s. Always good to have a family gathering.


Christmas Eve

Last bit and I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas Eve. My favorite Christmas movie of late is….

‘Office Christmas Party’

But my favorite Christmas scene – just for pure comedy. You can’t go wrong with Chevy Chase.

Kevin Smith Reviews ‘Last Jedi’

I thought I’d share another review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Kevin Smith. Long time Star Wars lover. I think his review was quite good. He’s spot on with so many points.

  • Luke calling it a laser sword. Yes, that was odd to me as well.
  • Luke and Chewie didn’t have a moment when discussing the death of Han Solo. It seems like it was a missed moment.
  • Porg’s worked. I agree. A good mix between Ewok’s and Jar Jar.

Star Wars: Last Jedi Review *Spoilers*

When I kept hearing from people that it was as good as Empire Strikes Back I was very optimistic. This coming from a person that enjoyed ‘Force Awakens’ despite a few flaws. It was entertaining. I felt like I was along for a great ride and that I was ten years old again. I didn’t need a movie as good as Empire Strikes Back.

Well, I’m sorry to say. This movie is no Empire Strikes Back. Not by a long shot. My problems with ‘The Last Jedi’

  • Why on earth would Luke Skywalker try to kill Han and Leia’s child? That just makes absolutely no sense to me. One of the themes that seem to be surfacing is bad parents that don’t necessarily want their children. I’m just baffled as to why they’re going down that road as a narrative.
  • (1)Rey’s parents. At Star Wars Celebration in Florida where they first announced and showcased the first trailer, the very first question asked to the director was,”Who are Rey’s parents?” Well, it appears they’ve answered that. Nobodies. Not “special”. So we had Vader who was born of immaculate conception and we have this very special bloodline of Skywalkers but now it looks like we’re shifting to give it anyone. Why? Why is it so significant that the director wanted it known that her parents are nobody? *sigh*
  • Killing off Snoke in this movie when you spend very little time developing him. We don’t know where he’s from. Perhaps the outer rim. Was he perhaps the first Jedi and he perhaps left the order? Well, all of that could have been an interesting storyline but instead, he was taken down rather easily.
  • Leia. Now they’ve opened up this whole box of worms of ‘What do we do with Leia now?’ I’d almost would have rather had her say that she’s tired of a life of fighting and maybe she wants to go into retirement. HaHa. But anything would be better than the current way we left things based on what can be done with episode 9. Maybe it would have been better if she had just become a force ghost and left it at that. Take Luke’s fate and put it in place for Leia. (2)
  • How do you do this to the Luke Skywalker character? Ok ‘Force Awakens’ we got rid of Han Solo. Now we have a disappearing Luke Skywalker?!? Couldn’t that have been best used in episode 9. As far as Luke being the Master Jedi, other than himself being projected across the galaxy, we never get to see how truly powerful he is. More of the movie is spent just showcasing how crabby he is. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll use Luke kind of like Ben Kinobi. (3)
  • What’s the deal with Rey and Kylo’s relationship now? The first moment they’re fighting alongside one another and the next they’re not. Same issue as earlier. Where do we go from here.

I’ll add more thoughts as they come to me. I’m going to see it again before Christmas with my daughter. I’m more interested to see how she feels about it. To summarize – it left a lot on the table and a lot of WTF moments for me. Looks like it also has only a 56% rotten tomato score.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 7.35.49 AM

Christmas Party

First Thanks…

Thanks to all of those that showed up to make it a lot of fun. Nothing says Christmas quite like having friends over and socializing about just about anything under the sun. Topics that I remember with friends – Baseball, Dodger Baseball, cooking, photography how to, 360 Panorama’s, iPhone X, Marines, and the Air and Space Museum. Of course, a lot of discussion was had about golf. HaHA. There should be more photography but I wanted to socialize with people rather than spend the entire party just taking photos.

Thanks to all of those that came out and I really hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

* For those that were at our October gathering and we were discussing the photography of certain people come December. Well, I raised my hand and said enough. You doubters – pay up. $$ I know it sounds cryptic but I don’t want to dive too deep into something that I’m currently also writing.

Again – thanks everyone for making it a special time of year.


California Fires

The fires in California have gotten bad. I feel bad for the people that have lost homes, loved ones, pets, etc. So much land has been damaged/ruined. I couldn’t help but post this interview of Jerry Brown talking about this. I pray we get through this fast and safely.

Also, CNN did some good reporting on it today.


Getting Closer to Christmas

Give me a break. Can you be more un-Presidential? When is he going to realize that he’s the President for all people. He’s literally encouraging people to vote for a pedophile. Isn’t there anyone better to vote for than anyone than someone that wants to be in relationships with teenagers??!?!

Steve Jobs….

Leo Laporte suggests that Tim Cook was Steve Job’s worst decision. Not sure I entirely buy that. If you look at the things that he had gone thru. Basically, he wanted to make sure that Apple was in a position to remain competitive for the next fifty years. Tim Cook was a safe choice.

Katie Couric

She says she’s still ready to talk about Matt Lauer. More so that she’s not ready to talk about how he was on set and what she thinks of these allegations against him.

Lauren’s Few Seconds of Fame

Just after the opening of the video – you’ll notice her in the black floral dress and the ponytail. Bravo! What fun! I can’t wait to see you for Christmas.


Tiger Woods is Back

Tiger Woods

I think the Las Vegas odds for him basically says it all.

This video sums up some of the excitement for Tiger Woods. I give you USA Today

Brandel Chamblee

Brandel’s own words ,”I’d be shocked if he can figure the chipping out…”

Boom! Very next day he’s chipping. Maybe you should save your reviews for when you’ve seen him play four tournament rounds in competition. But to base your analysis on just one tournament, this tech guy says,”You need more data sir.”

I even couldn’t resist giving Brandel the comment direct from me –