Getting Closer to Christmas

Give me a break. Can you be more un-Presidential? When is he going to realize that he’s the President for all people.┬áHe’s literally encouraging people to vote for a pedophile. Isn’t there anyone better to vote for than anyone than someone that wants to be in relationships with teenagers??!?!

Steve Jobs….

Leo Laporte suggests that Tim Cook was Steve Job’s worst decision. Not sure I entirely buy that. If you look at the things that he had gone thru. Basically, he wanted to make sure that Apple was in a position┬áto remain competitive for the next fifty years. Tim Cook was a safe choice.

Katie Couric

She says she’s still ready to talk about Matt Lauer. More so that she’s not ready to talk about how he was on set and what she thinks of these allegations against him.

Lauren’s Few Seconds of Fame

Just after the opening of the video – you’ll notice her in the black floral dress and the ponytail. Bravo! What fun! I can’t wait to see you for Christmas.


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